About Us

Carss Park Swim Club is one of the oldest if not the oldest swim clubs in the Sydney South East Metro area.

Initially the club was a salt water club swimming in Kogarah Bay. We now enjoy the facilities of  Dick Caine's Carss Park Swimming Pool.

We are a family oriented club catering for all ages. Some of our current teenage members have been swimming with the club since they were six !

We strive to continue this long term association with the club by providing a competative and fun environment in which our members can develop.

The club encourages and fosters a sense of team spirit with a variety of social and carnival activities.



Memories from two of our favourite Life Members

Margaret Rigg a Life Member of our swim club and Great Grandmother of Tyler Frazer-Rigg (a current member of our club) joined our swim club in 1958! Her son Peter at age 6 became a member of Carss Park Mens ASC and her daughter Marilyn at age 5 joined the Carss Park Ladies ASC. Both clubs were affiliated with St George District ASC. The boys and the girls were separate and had to swim on different days. They also had no pool! They swam in the tidal pool (known as the "Mud Hole") in front of the ranger's house in the park. If it was not high tide the swimmers were not allowed to dive in but had to do a standing start off the rocks. Margaret was a marshall for the girls.

Geoff Simpson was in charge of a new boat which belonged to Kogarah Council and it was kept in a locked cave/storage area built under the hill adjacent to the baths. It was kept there as an emergency in case of drowning and every Sunday someone had to sit in the boat in the deep water at the side of the pool while the races were on. The boat's "storage cave" can still be seen when you walk around the tidal pool.

Dot Cohen's son, Ian joined the club at age 7 in 1961 by this time the clubs were in full swing. The two clubs amalgamated to CPASC after they started using the new pool in 1966. Dot Cohen was made an official timekeeper in 1967.

Dot Cohen writes "An occassion I remember well - "The Mile Marathon" was always held on the last day of swimming for the year. That Sunday was freezing, it had started to rain, there was a heavy southerly and waves in the pool resembling a surf beach. The children had to swim about eight times across the tidal pool. Ivy Smith, Betty Libbeson and I were there and when the children reached the other side we could not count fifteen heads so when our boys aged 10 - 12 years swam the first two laps we told them to get out but they couldn't hear us and kept on going but after about 4 laps they got out. The officials rushed them up to the Life Saving Hall and gave them hot tea. The boys were shivering and quite blue. I might add the pool was so rough they couldn't even launch the boat!"

Dot's son Ian's first District Carnival was in the old "wooden" Ramsgate baths where Coles Supermarket now stands.

Margaret Rigg said a highlight of the club was when they farewelled Michelle Ford off to the Olympics in Montreal.